Does Online Reviews Matter And Help Your Business To Improve ?

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So have you ever thought the online reviews about your business will affect very much on your customers on buying your product or taking the service?  

Ok then we will answer your question and help you get a better answer you were seeking for so many days now. There are some reasons for you to believe us. :*) You will know why soon!

A ‘NO’ cost marketing!

Thinking what does “No Cost Marketing”, well it means that you are getting a free marketing done for your product while not spending a single rupee on it. Am I right? OK smile now! 🙂 Exactly here our customer is the marketer who is marketing our product on behalf of us. Whenever they give a good review we get a new marketer. Hence always try to get an online review for your business. So next time when they visit your business place ask them about a review about your business. Most importantly Google loves

Boosts your ranking


It is one of the main factors for Google to rank. SEO woks on local search and if you have a very good online reviews, well then you deserve the top spot in the Search Engine Result Page of the Google Search Engine. If you are having better reviews than your competitor then people who are planning to buy a product from your business can easily choose you over your competitors.

Boosts Local Findability


Well if you want to be found on Google Maps then you need your GMB (Google My Business) account for a complete business setup. Most importantly if you have good number of reviews for your business it will help your business to be found on maps easily. Also the reviews or feedbacks by the customers will help new customers or potential customers to understand your business or the services provided by you easily. You can also make sure that your speciality highlighted.

Acts as proof


Any business should have a proof of work. As it shows our previous works we had done for and also the quality of the work. The collaborations. Partnerships etc we had taken or done in the name of our brand.

The trust factor


Yes, the customers always trust a fellow customers who has bought that product or the services they took. A 50 5 star review can get you more new customers to buy your service than you get it from running ads.  It also acts as a medium for you to understand Pros and cons of your product. At the same time it also helps you to engage with your customers. Most importantly the positive reviews are a bliss which can market your product also as word of mouth.

Keep in mind that 93% of consumers regularly read online reviews, 85% trust online reviews so much that as a personal recommendation, and 40% form an opinion after reading just one to three reviews.  That’s a pretty powerful impact. And having positive word-of-mouth marketing is just the tip of the iceberg to having an effective digital strategy. 

Make or break

Make or break - Digital Scorcher

Ultimately the reviews can build your brand or break the brand. So be careful what your customers write about you in the review section. Whether you get a positive or negative reviews be kind to your customers, build trust and engage with them. Even when you get negative review don’t lose hope. So if you feel that you’re losing it, then you can check out the Online Reputation Company for it. They will help you to stay afloat in the digital world by managing your complete digital presence

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