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Digital Scorcher is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, India. We at Digital Scorcher work with a smile, and as they say, a smile is contagious, our work will bring a smile on your face too.

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Digital Scorchers offers innovative and exclusive services to our clients such as Audit, Research & Full SEO, On-Site Optimization and Off-Site Optimization and much more...

Social Media Marketing

Want lead generation on Facebook? Want to boost your Facebook posts? We offer the best of services in social media marketing form advertising to the promotion of your website.


Digital Scorchers, one of the best ad agencies in Bangalore, offers the best ad services at an affordable rate such as Cost-per-Click, Pay-per-Click and much more...

Web Design & Development

Get your website designed by the best web designing company in Bangalore. Maximize the benefit out of us by seeking our essential back-office service – DB Support Payroll Process Development.

Our Services

The following services are delivered by our trained professionals who are known for their skills, the ability to cope with any situation and finding solutions to challenging problems.

Digital Marketing

Every single day, a new way is popping up to connect with your customers more intriguingly and in a way that is going to grab their attention. We, as a company, work on these new strategies and enable you to connect with your customers in an innovative manner.


Honestly speaking, we put SEO and SMM at the bottom of our priority list whenever we chalk out our marketing strategies. But this is the most effective way of marketing. It is true that it takes a bit of time and doesn’t produce results overnight, but if its implementation is right, then there’s no stopping traffics. We understood this long back, so we have created a dedicated team SEO and SMM experts who’ll demonstrate to you how important it is for your website. Digital Scorcher experts increase traffic on your business through text-book marketing.

Web Designing & Development

Web designing compared to other aspects is a very fine detailing, but it is the most essential part of a website. We understand that and would love to help you with your designs. Always it is not about the content, the clean design with the right animations does wonders. Our designers are from reputed web designing institutions having experience in designing to make sure that your web design is minimalistic yet practical. Digital Scorcher professionals are critically acclaimed in the field of web development, for they are the best in the business. Be it using state of the art development tools or be it developing a website in a unique manner, we’ll never disappoint you.

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